Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Thank you America!! "Land of the free"????

Uploading.com decided to stop there services. This mean that you can NOT download bootlegs for free any more!
The US government rather have people selling bootlegs (for a lot of money!) then that everybody can download them for free! This is a very very stupid thing! And it doesn't mean that I'm now gonna sell bootlegs, selling bootlegs is the worst thing you can do (because you make a big profit and the artist get nothing, and you have to pay a lot of money).

I really don't understand this and will try to find a way to keep this site going.

If you are mad about this website going off-line, don't email me but send an email to Uploading.com here:

I hope you will come back because I believe I can start this website again but on a different way. Maybe asking a membership fee and then you can download everything for free. I will keep you updated about this and other ways on this blog.

SO PLEASE COME BACK! (maybe Uploading.com will change there minds....)

For now thank you for all your support and thank you for all your visits and hopefully till soon!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ryan Adams & Laura Marling "Live from Abbey Road" - 1DVD

Live From Abbey Road
Ryan Adams and Laura Marling
Broadcast Channel 4 UK Thursday 24th November 2011
Extras Broadcast 29th December 2011
Total Play Time 48.35

24th November 2011 Total Play Time 37.29
1. Introduction
2. Ryan Adams Interview Part 1
3. Ryan Adams: Lucky Now
4. Ryan Adams Interview Part 2
5. Ryan Adams: Invisible Riverside
6. Ryan Adams Interview Part 3
7. Ryan and Laura: Oh My Sweet Carolina
8. Laura Marling: The Muse
9. Laura Marling: I Was Just A Card
10. Ryan Adams Interview Part 4
11. Ryan Adams: New York, New York
12. Laura Marling: What He Wrote

Extras 29th December 2011 Total Play Time 11.06
1. Laura Marling: Don't Ask Me Why
2. Laura Marling: Salinas
3. Ryan Adams: Ashes and Fire

Audio:Mpeg-1 Layer 2 48000Hz 192kb/s stereo
Video:16:9 PAL, 720 x 576, MPEG-2, 25fps
approx average Live 2689/2794kbps
DVB-S> Humax Foxsat HDR-->Ts file USB to PC-->Video Redo-->TMPGEnc author 4-->Video TS folder  No Logo
Basic DVD artwork inclued in files